Hellooooo everyone!

I hope everything is Ok for you. Today I come back with a special post… I have almost reached the end of my American trip… Arrived the 12th of April, today is the 12th of June and I leave the 28th of June. I write this post with a very strange feeling because I am both sad and happy at the same time. Sad cause I do not want to leave and happy cause I can not wait to go back to my country, my hometown and see people I love!!! The excitation and the nostalgia are mixed, it is a very singular feeling. So for the moment, I just focus on my classes and last exams of the year… The 2 coming weeks are finals weeks.

Now, time for summarizing those last months!!

First of all, school was the first reason of my trip. I had different classes where I learnt more about Digital Marketing or producing my own stuff with 3D Printing. Digital, innovation and entrepreneurship were the main subjects and it was so inspiring to study here. There are big differences with France: the motivation, the love for work (AND MONEY) are huge. San Francisco is a city where workers never stop. Their ideas, their mind are always working and I will leave with a looooot of motivation and inspiration for my future, and a different way of thinking too. It helped me too to acquire some skills and ideas on what the future will look like: the art of speech to sale yourself or a product, the importance of time with “Don’t be on time, be early!”, how networking works, improvements of my English etc. I also have a clearest idea about my future because I know that the Digital IS the Future now!!! My expectations were high before going here, but now they are fully checked and even more! We had so much opportunities, it was a great experience to live like Americans, see the way they work, the way they think… I truly think it was my best trip so far.

But I was also able to live and discover the American way of life during 2 months and half! …ok it is not really the American way of life we imagine because San Francisco is not America. San Francisco is San Francisco. I ate a lot of burgers…but I began to run, too, because everyone is a fitness addict here.

I expected to find more McDo and I discovered that Starbucks colonized the entire city. I spent time in parks, which is not as common in France.


Chill @ Mission Dolores Park, on a sunny Sunday afternoon

I talk with unknown people everywhere: at bus stops, in bus, in the streets, at the casher… People are so open minded, it was strange for us at the beginning. Now, it is the back to France which will be strange, with people who do not talk, who do not look at each other. But there are a lot of differences in the population, we were able to see a lot of huge cars and a lot of homeless people in the same area: the richer and the poorer. Then, the bad point for me is… THE WEATHER. San Francisco is not America, but it is not California, either. When you think about Cali, you think about palm trees, sun, beaches!!! …It is not warm as expected, there is a lot of wind everyday and Karl the Fog appears at least 1 time per week to cover the city. July and August are the coldest months of the year here, I did not know that… To me, it is the only disappointment here.


Karl the Fog and his fav friend, the Golden Gate Bridge

I have a lot of memories here, like crossing the Golden Gate bridge by bike, the 420 day, the How weird fair, the Castro district, the burgers, Los Angeles, Ocean beach, the hills, Muni, the Indian restaurant The Little Delhi, Market Street, City Nights, shopping, running in Dolores Park, Mexican food, dogs at every corner of streets and no kids at all, Safeway, “how r u doin?” in shops and you do not know if you have to answer or not, the ‘French bread’ which do not look like French bread, sharing apartments with friends and locals, outlets, the road 5, the ‘French fries’ actually invented in Belgium, the “WHAT” in front of the prices of French cheeses, the California Street, the bacon, Fisherman Warf, the foggy days, Cable car, Walgreems, the TV adds, Santa Monica and Venice Beach by bike, the Gay pride, Baker beach, etc… and so much more.

Here are some (funny) photos of my trip.

So much to tell and still so much to do… I will come back, it was only the beginning of my discoveries in America.

Bisou xoxo,



2 thoughts on “#0003: SOON THE END

  1. This article is so you ! Miss HAPPY is the perfect nickname for you I think. I hope you really enjoy your time in SF. Sharing my daily life with you was a really good experience I will miss you my little jukebox and your Palouma truc machin too. Signing Next You since 2 months 💁🏽


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