Put your hands up if you love burgers, sun and wine!

Now you have your two hands up in front of your screen, in your room, in your sofa or in a coffee shop (and I am pretty sure that people look at you like whaaaaat?). If I am right, I already like you.

There are three of best things in the World to me. I loooove spend my summer nights with friends on the Saint Palais sur Mer‘s beach located in the French West Coast, with my burger coming from the restaurant Beach Burger, one bottle of white wine and the sun! Soooo, there was the very first things you learn about me.

This blog won’t talk about food or French wines only, I am sorry to disappoint some foodies: today, Tuesday the 27th of April, I write the first post of this new diary. I will relate my trips, my good addresses around the World, my best meals, my thoughts and my inspirations. It will be a melting pot of my discoveries. Lot of blabla and you do not know yet who is the owner of this diary..


The owner of this new & fresh diary (oui oui) is named Marie, she was Born on the 28th of September in 1995: 90’s kid. She is French and comes from the West Coast. She moved a lot for her studies and she loooooved that. She loves discover new places, changes her way of life and meet new people! Currently she is in third year of a Bachelor in Business Admistration in the beautiful city Bordeaux (if you think to the wine, I like you much more). She moved during this year, first in Barcelona (Spain) and now, in San Francisco (USA). Where there are opportunities to go abroad, there is Marie too. Marie is described like a little bit crazy, open-minded, laughing a lot and.. Talking a loooooot! (and very fast. Believe me, it is better to read her than listen to her). I just create a rule #0001 bis: no use of face value with Marie. If you want to, you will be able to follow her in her adventures, discover and learn from the posts. She also wants to apologize in advance for language’s mistakes. This blog is a part of the process to improve her English, so please be kind and feel free to comment, any help is good! Last thing, I am Marie. 🙂

Now you know me, leave a comment to introduce you!

And now we know each others, let’s get started!!!



Bisou xoxo


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