“Why do you leave?”

“Are you escaping from something?”

“Are not you sad to leave your family and your friends and your cat..?”

The casual questions people ask me before I leave. I leave because it is my choice. I am not escaping from my life: I am living it. And YES I am sad but I will be twice more happy to be with them again, soon soon.



One of my French friends spent the last year in Australia and put a caption on one of his Instagram’s post (you know this kind of quote very cheesie but really true), I liked it so I share it with you:

“Chance? No, choices.”

(“De la chance ? Non, des choix.” in French)

I am pretty ok with this caption. I had opportunities, I create them thanks to my different taken choices and I regret nothing. No one was prepared, not even me (but I think my mum was the less mentally prepared…love you.) but I did it. And I still do not know why today, I just wanted it soooo much. I wanted to travel and it was one of the only things I was sure about. When I was a child, I never left France to travel, I never left the city where I grew up and maybe that’s the reason why I wanted to discover new things. From my first year in high school to now, I left my hometown and I liked it. Each one of those years was an experience with new challenges, new friends, new mindset. I wanted larger and largerrrr vision and mindset, and this is for what I work today.



I honestly think everyone have something, sorry GREAT things to accomplish in their life. We all know someone who spend his life to do.. nothing. It makes me sad and fool to know that you can but you do not. You do not even try. All is in the mind, as I say! I DO NOT agree with the quote “All good things come to those who wait“. Liar. You have to move, to choose, to act to reach your goals! Oh, let’s talk about them..


As I said in the 1rst post, I am currently in San Francisco: it is a very beautiful place, very motivating and veryyyy inspiring for business, but for life too. The people I met have the same speech and the energy here is incredible but I will talk to you about it later, in an other post. SO, their speech is clear:

Set goals – Fail to learn – There is no bad idea

Goals, failures and ideas. Deal with these 3 words. They are as common as “yes” or “no” here and bring to reflection, looooong reflection and questions like “what do I want in my life?” And believe me, that’s not an easy question. And NO, “money” is not the first answer. Tell me about your reflection in comments, come onnnn!


So please, make you the happiest person you ever met, make every moments of your life appreciable and move to live!!! Have something to tell, go to sleep satisfate of your day, be proud of you, be positive and make things happen. There is no secret for happiness but I think you’re on the right way if you realize that your time is NOW. Do not have regrets, you can not change anything from your past but you can manage your future.. And the best is yet to come 🙂

Have funnnnn!!!!


Bisou xoxo


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